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Seven Ways to Stimulate the Economy:

Barry Worrell - September 7, 2011

I am not an economist. That may soon become obvious. I have taken from several plans and formed my opinion, and I hope you will share your ideas also. Therefore I present my: Seven Ways to Stimulate the Economy!
1. Create an sense of stability in business by passing a law freezing any tax increases until the economy is strong. Not for a determinate time in years, but when the economy is strong. Many businesses are fearful that the government will keep raising taxes on a regular basis, therefore not taking risks to improve and expand their business. This keeps hiring at a standstill. Also, the constant raising of taxes will, and has, forced smaller businesses out of business and the larger ones to move out of the country. There are those who wish start a new business, but for the same reasons, are fearful to do so.
2. Reform the tax code. Our tax code has over 60,000 page of rules and regulations. Seriously consider getting rid of the IRS. Go to a flat tax, consumer tax, or a combination of both for revenue.
3.Balance the budget and put a freeze on government spending over the confines of the budget.
4.Go after government waste, such as social security to dead people and eliminate the generations of people on welfare. Employees of a closed down IRS could handle this. No loss of jobs there.
5. Give people the incentive to work. This incentive would be "tough love" to some.  Don't continue to pay them not to work with extended unemployment payments. Government stimulus in the form of money to the citizens only works until the money is gone, and as we all know, the government has no money and doesn't create it. It just prints it.
6. Illegal immigration: This is a problem that something has to be done to solve it. This government seems to be dead set on doing nothing and that's what they want individual states to do, nothing.
The U.S. Census Bureau estimated 8.7 million illegal immigrants were here in 2000, and immigration officials estimate that the illegal immigrant population grows by as many as 500,000 every year. A tremendous burden on the taxpayer. That's just an estimate, I would say it's more than that.

7. Social security: While we sit and wait for it to go broke, we do nothing. At this stage it will have to be cut off at some time or other and a lot of people will lose what was paid into the system. Of course it would help if we didn't give social security to people that haven't paid into the system.
All of these must be implemented at the same time. No government promises to put off one or more until later. It is ludicrous for the government to ask us to tighten our belts and not expect them to do the same.
Admittedly I have left out a lot of detail on how to accomplish this and even more steps we could take, and I realize some of these suggestion won't work and there are many reasons why. But I'm not so dogmatic on any or all of them to refused to be convinced why they won't work. but it's a plan.


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