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Watch For Fallen Rock
Barry Worrell  June 30, 2010

As a kid I was told the story of a young Indian Brave who, to prove his manhood, set out in the wilderness to fend for his own, as it was by tribal law for all young braves to do. This Brave was the son of the Chief and much was expected of him. Weeks and weeks passed and he did not return.  It was decided by the chief, if he didn't return within a few months to not only send a search party to find him, but also pass the word to all surrounding camps and tribes that he was missing. Months turn in to years and to the knowledge of all, he never did. The young brave was called "Fallen Rock". Even today you can see signs along the road, "Watch For Fallen Rock". Yes, you're right, this is a groaner of a story, even if you've notice these signs on the road to Talcott.

The signs today are not a humorous story for it forewarns us to watch out for rock that have fallen in to the road. I personally have dodged a few in my time in Alderson.  In the times that the American Indian ruled this land, just having cell phones would have solved the problem of finding Fallen Rock.

This bring me to a few signs that our government have put up to warn us. One of the signs warns visitors that "smuggling and illegal immigration may be encountered in this area." Another says "travel not recommended" due to "active drug and human smuggling" routes.

Though warning signs have been placed in certain areas of Arizona, broad swaths of federal land are considered dangerous because of the smuggling routes. -Fox News, see article.

Well, I guess that solves the problem of drugs, illegals and human smuggling that come across our southern borders daily. We have been warned. I wonder if that includes terrorist? I guess if they're not on the sign, they must be OK. With the easy access to the U. S. via this route, terrorist wouldn't think of coming into our country this way, would they? Maybe they already have!

If you think this is an asinine way to secure our borders, perhaps you should be telling the House and Senate members of your state.

Secure the border. Then we'll work on immigration reform.