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The Ultimate Invasion

Barry Worrell  Aug 16, 2010

As I watch the world around me, one of the biggest things seems to be the social networks that are available. Last count was over 300, but all but three or four, I never heard of them. It's almost to the  point that everyone will know everyone else, and everything about them. They will know what they look like and what kind of toilet paper they buy. It's possible, given enough time and you lived long enough, you could communicate everyone in your state. It's the age of communications. So much communications and we still don't know anything.

I got to wondering why do people want to be in touch with everyone, all the time. I've seen people get on their cell phone the moment they get in their car, or come out of the house with the cell phone on. They shop with the cell phone to their ear. They drive with the cell phone to their ears. They even talk on the phone while they're have a conversation with someone else.

I'm glad to say I'm not one of those. But I am in fear that one day, these networks will hire people find out who isn't and go see why not!  The following is an example of how it might go down.


Ding dong!

Barry:  Yes, may I help you?

Horace:  Mr. Wow-nell?

Barry:  No.

Horace:  Mr. Bany Wow-nell?

Barry:   No.

Horace:   Uh.... I don't understand. Is this 1234 Maple Ave?

Barry:   Yes it is.

Horace:   And you're not Bany Wownell?

Barry:  No, I'm sorry, I'm not.

Horace:  Well, if you're not Bany Wownell, who are you?

Barry:  Barry Worrell.

Horace:  Sigh.......... Well....uh......my name is Horace Souder, and I'm form the Social Network Authority.

Barry:  Social Network Authority? Sounds like some kind of police. Oh yes. There's your shinny little badge. What can I do for you?

Horace:  I'd like to ask you some questions but its hot out here, may I come in?

Barry:  Well, my wife is not feeling well so were not receiving anyone today. And it is Arizona, and it is August.

Horace:  Very well. Are you on Face Book?

Barry:  No.

Horace:  Are you on Google buzz?

Barry:  No.

Horace:  Twitter?

Barry:  No.

Horace:  Do you text?

Barry:  No.

Horace:  Are you on any social networks?

Barry:  No.

Horace:  I don't understand. Why aren't you on a social network?

Barry: Because I don't want to be.

Horace:  Don't you want to keep up with your friends?

Barry:  I already keep up with my friends.

Horace:  How do you do that?

Barry:  Email, phone, talking to them face to face.  I even write a letter every now and then.

Horace:  But, don't you want to keep up with the times?

Barry:  Who's times?

Horace:  I don't understand.

Barry:  I know young man, some day, maybe.

Horace:  Thank you for your time.

Barry:  You're welcome. Stay cool.

My Wife:  Who was that at the door?

Barry:  That was Horace.

My Wife:  Why didn't you invite him in out of the heat?

Barry:  He wasn't in our social network.