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Such Drama

My Brief Analysis of the 2010 Mid-Term Elections
Barry Worrell Nov 19, 2010

It's going on three weeks since the min-term elections, and the Republicans said they would take the house, and maybe the senate. They were right on the house, wrong on the senate. The Democrats said they would retain both houses. They were wrong on the house, right on the senate.

The Tea Party played a major part for most of the throwing out of incumbents and electing their replacements.  Funny thing about the Tea Party. The liberal media tried to villain-ize them by saying they were racist and extreme. Racism couldn't be proved, and what is extreme? The problem is there isn't one, or a "head" face of the Tea party. They have chapters all over but there are three beliefs they have in common. Lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, and smaller government. In other words they are Americans.

Already the media is lining up candidates for President of 2012. Who will run against Obama? Will it be Romney? Gingrich? Huckabee, Palin? Or will there be a dark horse for the GOP. There are also rumbling by certain Democrats that Obama shouldn't run.

Pelosi just crowned herself queen of the minority in the house. She and Harry Reid are still making speeches as if the election didn't take place. Obama still thinks it was a matter of communications and he didn't explain his policy and decisions well enough. I take offense to that for I understood them very well. I just rejected them.  Such Drama.

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