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Hoppy, Gene & Me
Barry Worrell - March 17, 2010

Yesterday I went to my daughter’s house for a few moments, and sitting in front of a 47” high definition flat screen was my 13 year old grandson.  I stood behind him while he was playing a video game about war. With the screen that large, high definition, and excellent graphics, it all looked so real. Back at the house I told Linda what Marcus was doing. She said she never wanted my son to play with toys of war. At that time he was too old for cowboys, but he got in on the end of Daniel Boone on TV.

I started to think about how war with all of it's killing and destruction are the norm today. We get a daily dose from the media and we get desensitized to where it’s become an “Oh well, and we go on” situation.

During the 30s, 40, and 50s, we had westerns, in which there was a lot of shooting but they seemed ‘kinder & gentler”, and morals were always present. Good won over evil, the bad guy, in the black hat went to jail.

There were still westerns in the 60 and later but they mirrored life as it is. Hollywood had invaded the screen with the world and the main reason the movies were so popular was lost.

Roy Rogers, sometime in the 60s released a surprise recording that got a little air play and it was entitled “Hoppy, Gene & Me” (listen to a sample.) 

I sure do miss Hoppy, Gene & Roy.