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How Could I Have Forgotten?

Barry Worrell  Aug 12, 2010

Today I saw a bumper sticker that my neighbor had just put on his car. I then realized I wasn't thinking about the subject as much as I had been, even though its still very obvious and in the news every day. The bumper sticker? It said, "Work Hard! Illegal Immigrants Need Your Money". My mind went back to my years I spent in the  work force. Although I spent 45 years in one of three jobs, it was a effort that was continuous, without being unemployed. Of course as we all did, I paid my taxes and paid into the Social Security System as the government told us to do. That was the rule.

When I started working the word illegal immigrant wasn't in my vocabulary. I knew what illegal was, and I knew what an immigrant was. (There seems to be a lot of people who don't understand the what the word illegal means) To put the two words together never crossed my mind. If there was an illegal immigrant here, and the government knew about it, they took care of it. That concept is foreign to our officials today. They continue to allow illegal's to come in our country and the worse insult to the American public, they expect us to pay for their care. I wonder how many illegal's are collecting Social Security that you and I paid into?

By the way; I finally made good on my promise to help vote out the incumbents by not voting for John McCain-he's been there too long, J. D. Hayworth - he's been there before. There is a fellow named Jim Deakin who is not a politician. He's a businessman, a Navy vet, and I voted for him. Since he's not a politician or a lawyer, that gave him a higher standing. We opted out for the early ballots that we're privileged to do here in Az. (Geezer perk) But as they say, I digress.

That darned bumper sticker stoked one of the two fires that burn in my gut. I was beginning to get used to the words "illegal immigrants".  If you hear too much, you might begin to accept it.  Maybe that's exactly what they want us to do.

(Incidentally, acid indigestion is the other fire)