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The Weeds
Barry Worrell 11-09

Where ever you live, you have seen empty stores and buildings. People who have gone out of business because of the economy. Here in the Phoenix area there are many empty stores and newly constructed buildings that can not be bought or leased. The biggest disappointment are the buildings that were under construction but were never finished. The weeds are starting to grow around them.

Funny thing about  weeds, you seem to really notice them when things are bad. It's not that they haven't always been around, it's when people are productive, they manage to get rid of the weeds.

For my last 25 years in the work force I was employed by a small business, and it was a profitable one. But I am aware of what is imposed upon the small business man and it's hard enough to have a successful operation. This administration wants to impose even more taxes on the very group of people who can grow our economy. They build their buildings or lease them. They hire employees to help make them successful and create jobs. This is not rocket science and not difficult to figure out. It is a valid formula. If everyone looses their jobs, I guess the government could step in and have everyone work for them, but at what cost.  Doesn't that sound familiar?

With the House passing their version of the Health Care Bill and the Senate voting to debate their version, we can only wonder what other taxes that "We the People" will have to endure. It might not be so bad (I gotta snicker when I say that) if it wasn't all the other crap they add to the bill that has absolutely nothing to do with Health Care.  I know, that's just the way things get done. Well, I have a better way. How about both houses give us, in their offices working, an 8 hour day, 6 days a week, just as "We the People" have done all ours lives. Then, we could get bills passed that pertain to exactly what the issue is. Ever wonder how they can come up with a 20 pound 2000+ page bill in such a short time? Efficiency for their interest, not ours.

Oh, by the way, the execution of the current version doesn't start until about four years from passing. The taxes we have to pay to support it kick in as soon as it's passed. That's now folks! I agree with John McCain. This is a "scam". Another thing: The bill will allow about 31 million more people in on the system. This reminds me of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge that is part of I-95 and crosses the Potomac River between Maryland and Virginia. It use to be three lanes going both ways. However, you had 4 lanes merging into both sides of the bridge. This situation would have stagnate traffic backed up for miles on both sides. Finally, after "We the People" sat there for seemingly ages, they built a new bridge. So you think you have to wait a long time at the doctors now? I have some friends in Canada and they have national health care.  They have to schedule surgery many months down the road. I wonder what the percentage is for those who die before their scheduled time for surgery.

I hope that we all remember to pay attention to those in the House, and Senate, who voted for the Health Care Bill. It's become obvious they don't care about the same issue we do. I hope we vote them out just as they did in Va. and N. J. This is not the time to be a Democrat or Republican, it's time to be an American and get rid of those who don't listen to the needs of the people they represent. That's called term limits!

Listed here are two links for the Senate and the house. Just find your congressman and representative, send them an email or give them a call. Yell at 'em a bit!



We don't want the weeds to become the new symbol of America!