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In Case You Haven't Heard Vol. 1
Barry Worrell 12-09

Health Care Woes!

To get the Democrats' Health Bill to pass, they had to promise, buy, purchase, or whatever  you want to call it, Senator Ben Nelson, D-Neb., a special price for his vote on the Senate health-care bill. (Isn't this illegal?) Opening up the Medicaid program to 15 million more Americans over the next decade will cost the states billions of dollars but not Ben Nelson's state. For Nebraska, the cost, estimated at $100 million through 2016, will be paid by the federal government. This is just only one of the things that's wrong with the people that smile and say they will represent us, just for our vote, and then moon us through the windows of their limos and office windows.

I don't have anything against Nebraska or its people. My granddaughter lives there. But regardless of what state it is, I wonder how many people in any one state would think it's OK to let the other 49 states pay for the additional Medicaid cost, and say nothing to their representative?

Let's say an unnamed state goes along with this and just thinks it okey-dokey  for the rest of us to foot the bill while they enjoy the benefits. We know writing the senator of that state will not do any good, for their interests are not with us, but with them getting re-elected. We could write the citizens of that state a letter.  A letter from the rest of the United States.

Dear Citizens of (name of state),

It has come to our attention that you will be getting Medicaid benefits but will not have to pay into it as the rest of citizens of the U.S. will. Not only that, you haven't said anything about the total un-fairness of this scam. Realizing this was probably done without your knowing, and in the spirit of fair play and sensibility, we have decided to try and balance this issue by boycotting your state. We will not tour your state or even come for a visit or business. We will not purchase anything from you. We also will not knowingly purchase anything manufactured in your state. We realize this might cause a hardship on you and the government will most likely attempt to bail you out. But since the government screws up most every thing, there will probably be so much pork in it that you won't get much.

The best way to reverse this is for you to vote out of office, Sen. (name of senator) and try to find someone who represents your interests as in the true sense of a representative. Then we will welcome you back into the United States of America.

Since we are a fair and sensible people the boycott will not start until after a reasonable time for response. Waiting on your decision of this issue.


The people of the United States of America (excluding (name of state))

As I said before, I don't have anything against Nebraska and it will be interesting to see if they protest this proposal even if it does benefit them. This is just my way of letting off a little steam about the unjust things we have to put up with concerning the people who represents the citizens. It also shows what power the people could have if they were of one mind. Scary, eh?