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More Rantings of a Retiree
Barry Worrell 08

One thing about being retired, you have to, or as some would say, you get to buy new stuff. Since I try to be frugal, in my case it’s usually, you have to buy new stuff. Now I like to buy new things just as much as the next person and I’m getting used to doing because I’ve been around long enough to outlast most of the things I have. So it’s a matter of “replacing” what I have because it goes bad.

Case in point, a new oven. Ours was only 23 years old! What’s with that? I let my wife, of I should say, She let me, let her, pick out the oven. When it came to our HDTV, I put my foot down and she gave me permission to select it. Back to the oven. We jumped down to Sears “scratch & dent” store. This is the second appliance we’ve bought there; the first was the refrigerator. Now we have an oven and refrigerator that match. Even the scratches and dents match, but did we save money! I think.

Then comes the installation. As you probably know, a lot of things today just simply don’t look like they did 20-30 years ago. One thing is that “size” problem. Yep, the new oven is slightly bigger. Now, a one and a half hour installation turns into a 2 and a half hour installation, and that means 2 and half more times the money because there has to be modifications on the cabinet. Speaking of appearance, this oven comes with a control panel that looks like inside of the space shuttle. It looks like Bill Gates designed it. Maybe he should have, at least something would look familiar. But it’s a pretty thing, sitting there, displaying that beautiful designed control panel, just waiting to be used. We’re still trying to figure it out. Yeah, I know, read the instructions. Sorry, I only do that when all else fails. Hey, I’m retired! I got time to work on it.

Let me take a moment to divert. I have never been fond of engineers. I do trust them a bit more when they drive the train, but designing electrical and electronic equipment, I really don’t have a lot of faith in them. They simply don’t have any practical experience in the operation of such devices. For creating the functions, I give them an “A” for their creativity. But I give them a D for their ability to let the rest of the world know how to use the technology. However, my grandkids can understand completely how to use Ipods and cell phones, and they’re so small, I can’t even see the darn things.

Back to the oven. (My apologies to engineers) We’ve been eating out a lot in the past couple of weeks. Thank God for the microwave. Now there’s a simple device.

Oh! I have to go. Linda is trying to make Scotch Lassies and she just got it to start “pre-heating”. Wish us luck.