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The Story Behind the Story

Editorial by Barry Worrell

Like a lot of people, I wasn’t pleased with the results of our recent elections. I thought I would let things settle in my mind  before writing this editorial. Granted, I was disappointed that Obama won the election but even more disappointed and appalled at the so call “main stream media”. To quote one commentator, “This is the year journalism died”. I would agree wholeheartedly with that for the rumors of its pending death has been evident for several years now. 

I have a good friend who lives in Canada. He and I have been discussing the state of the U. S. and the elections. Canadians are very interested in our problems and especially the solutions, for the way the U. S. goes, so goes Canada. The subject of the media came up several times in our discussions and he stated that Fox seems to have a “Republican slant” to its news. After I thought about it, I began to understand why he would say that. The main stream media is so biased against the conservatives, a balanced news company would naturally seem to be slanted the other way. However as good as your intentions are, a certain ideology allowed to be constantly shouted for a long time without rebuttal, becomes truth, whether it is or not. So my Canadian friend, like many, may be suffering from media indoctrination and may have difficulty in recognizing balance when they hear or see it. 

Sarah Palin was totally and constantly bashed by the media. She was edited in her interviews to seem uninformed, laughed at by Saturday Night Live, and burned in effigy in public. The liberals sent an entourage of press to her home state in Alaska to find out the dirt, and when they couldn’t find any they misrepresented her record as governor. Personally I think they were afraid of her popularity. “Let us go and stomp out that which opposes us!” 

“Joe the Plummer” asked Obama a question they didn’t like. You remember the one about spreading the wealth, and they went after him, digging into his life, trying to discredit him in anyway. 

Several member of the press, whose companies had written unfavorable articles about Obama, were not allowed on the plane with the rest of the press. One of those was the Washington Post, a certified liberal newspaper. 

These incidents might not seem like a big deal, but it’s not so far from a little guy in Germany and his Gestapo.  Over reacting? I’m sure it started out lightly in Germany also. 

I’m not saying there is nothing similar being done by the other side. I’m saying what happened shouldn’t be happening at all. I think all of us know and expect unethical politics from both parties, but to allow a machine as large as the media to sell out wholly to one side is certainly not a democratic process. They would cite the practice of free speech. Whose free speech? Theirs? 

This country is still just about equally divided on each side in their political views. To squelch one voice to allow another is only one element to a disaster that is waiting to come to fruition. History has shown, the results of these disasters is a country lead by people like Castro and Chavez. If their policies are so great, why are their people trying to get here? 

Admittedly I wouldn’t mind it if it was other way, but the Democrats finally have what any party has always wanted; the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. The balance of the opposition will have very little leverage. There is now no one for them to blame but themselves when things go wrong, but I’m sure they will find someone, somewhere, some way. 

As I said, I didn’t vote for Obama but I wish him well. I hope he does make a good President. One of the things that  bother me is his tax plan. I just hope we all don’t wake up one morning and find out we’re now one of the rich. 

I gladly welcome an opposing view and it will be printed here on the Aldersonian.