1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Classic Comics?
Barry Worrell 08

While reading the last two articles by Herman King and John McCurdy, they brought memories of things I hadn't thought of in a while. One of those subjects was “Classic Comics”. I too, practiced the art of giving book reports by reading Classic Comics. Though John McCurdy used a devious technique of selecting obscure authors and their even more obscure writings, (that was a good one John, I didn’t think of that) I went the “even more easy than that” way by selecting comics that was also a movie I had seen at the Alpine Theatre.

I had a slight advantage over most because I lived over the Drug Store, and its wasn’t any effort at all to just run down stairs and turn left into the store where there was a rack, that fortunately for all of us, had a good stock. You could find me there quite often in my usual place, sitting on the penny scale, getting my extra curriculars.

The other thing that John mentioned seemed to indicate his reports were written. We had to give ours orally, which being a visual person, was no problem for me. All I had to do was remember the movie, which was supported by the comic. I just had to be careful and not substitute the actor's name for the character's name in the book. If I had said, "An then Spence Tracy died in the end of the story", then I would have died in the end.

The questions that are still unanswered for me today are:
1. I wonder if our teachers knew what we were doing. I'd say yes, but they didn't seem to mind.
2. Do they still publish Classic Comics?