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The Storm of 2012

Paul Bland - July 2, 2012

As many of you already know, Alderson was hit pretty hard by the recent wind storm as were several other areas of the country. Most, if not all, of the Alderson 4th of July celebration has been canceled.  Due to the fact that electricity was out, much of the food that was prepared for the banquet was probably lost. Also contracts signed with the entertainers who perform on the football field will often contain a clause that says that they will be paid even if the events are canceled. There may also be other financial obligations that the town is responsible for that are not immediately apparent.  Hence, it appears that the town will take a pretty big financial hit because of these things. If you would like to make a contribution to help out, please make your check payable to Alderson 4th of July Committee and send it to Alderson 4th of July Committee, P. O. Box 128, Alderson, WV, 24910.

Regards to all,
Paul Bland

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