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Happy Birthday Louise Harrah Utterback!

Birthday Greetings

Louise Harrah Utterback was one of Alderson's elementary school teachers from 1945-1967. Previously she attended Alderson Broadus in Alderson for two years of high school and two years of college. After that she later completed her degree at Concord. Prior to her time in Alderson she taught at Blue Sulphur and Asbury. A few years after starting in Alderson, she married George Utterback, a sixth grade teacher. Louise currently resides at The Brier, 601 Rocky Hill Road, Ronceverte, WV. 24970.

Louise's birthday is on March 18. On that day she will be 103 and we've had a request from her nieces to send Louise a happy birthday card. How many cards do you get to send to 103 year old? If you were a student of hers, be sure to tell her what year you were in her class. Please try to send the card to arrive approximately on the 18th of March if possible. Again, the address is: The Brier, 601 Rocky Hill Road, Ronceverte, WV. 24970.  Lets make this effort truly the icing on her cake. Update: Speaking of icing on the cake.

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