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Memorial Day Tribute

Bobby Black - July 15, 2012

Memorial Day confuses me.  Confuses others I believe. I am always thankful for the many who... in their hearts... feel   a sense of pride in those who are no longer with us.  These are those who understand that someone stood before our country's enemy and died for them so that they can have a life.
I speak for those who served in World War 2 and I take nothing  away from people who served in other wars.  It's just that I served in WW 2.
I was a flyer on my way to Berlin when my plane was ripped apart.  I fell from our B-17  while six of my friends were getting smashed to pieces.. as they struck the ground.
One was my best friend, my buddy, my do anything for... For months we stuck together like you wouldn't believe..  His name was Bobby Brooks, our Right Waist Gunner.
No more chasing girls in Florida, Virginia and England.  He was 22, and recently married his high school sweetheart.  Both of us had red hair, were the same size, 150 pounds. So we sometimes wore each other's clothes.  We spend much time laughing at one another and pillow fighting... on and on and on..
Bobby Brooks had no life after May 24, 1944.  He is now buried in one of those nice cemeteries in France.  Not bad but it could have been so much better.  Few days go by that I don't think of this great human being... especially the last ten years.
So if you are reading this stop for a minute or two and say thanks to my friend Bobby Brooks.  You would have liked him.
T/Sgt. Robert L. Black, Radio/gunner, 100th Bomb Group, England.

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