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Bobby Black - November 12, 2010

Those of you who remember a beautiful blonde movie star during the thirties by the name of Joan Blondell raise your hand? I sure do and I remember her during WW 2 and what she did for our guys....

For example, during a a six months USO tour she told a group of girls while resting...

"You keep going because you can's let the boys down. You laugh when you want to cry, and act happy when you are so sad inside when you want to cry inside it hurts.|"

On a trip to Camp Polk, Louisiana, alone, Blondell granted 150 dances to 150 boys.

Aside from performing, she rode tanks and fired guns... once even shooting a live round from a M7.

A soldier who assisted her described the aftermath: "black grease covering her blonde hair, her .pale face and almost the entire front of her formerly white, form fitting suit jacket."

"Boy, did she make a lasting impression... !"

Yes, many girls (and guys) on USO tours all over the world, Bob Hope and his entertainers, ditto. In the States "Canteens" in large cities and small ones, too. Free, of course, to all Soldiers and Sailors who showed up... Did I forget 16 piece Orchestras... "Count" Basie, Woody Herman, Kay Kaiser, and more.

The way everyone helped one another. The "Greater Generation" they called us. I'll have a beer to that. I'll be right back......


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