1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



A Precious Moment

Bobby Black - 2008

After spending a year in Germany as a POW, I finally reached Alderson. There was a time I felt I would not return home so finally getting there was a great feeling.

The first man I saw was your dad (Tom Dameron's dad) who was talking to another man. I walked by him and he said, "Bobby, is that you?" I was home at last.

I walked across the bridge and after spending some minutes looking up and down the Greenbrier I walked on home.

It was still early morning, the sun was shining, and there was my mother on our front porch. A rare moment in a young guy's life was now happening to me as tears filled my eyes. We sat down and before we were settled the phone rang.

"Bobby, this is Bob Garvin. I'm coming up to see you." 'No," I said, "let me come to your place." "No, no, I'm leaving now." And the phone was dead.

Bob Garvin was the father of a girl I once dated. How did he know I was home?

Mr. Garvin was not a well man but here he was with his arms around me. We were both crying with happiness, and he said, "Bobby, our little girl got married and I couldn't do anything about it." We both knew what he was saying to me. We sat down on the porch and talked.. as my mother sat quietly and listened.

What a great feeling to be home. One can't know that feeling unless you have done it.

God bless America, God bless Alderson, West Virginia and God bless Mr. Robert Garvin, my kind of guy.......

Bobby B.

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