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From The Aldersonian, November 1956

Barry Worrell

High School Students’ Publication of Alderson High School.
Published Each Six Weeks by Journalism Class of A. H. S.

Editor-in-Chief / Ruth Walkup
Associate Editor / Lucy Baker
Sports Reporter / Jim Meadows
Assistant Sports Reporter / C. K. Sweetwood
Feature Editor / Mary Phillips
Business Manager / Bill Keadle
Assistant Business Manager / Andy Russell
Circulation Manager / Pat Bowyer
Subscription Manager James / Edward Meredith
Advertising Manager / Barry Worrell
Photographer / Janice Baker
Proof Reader / Sonny Bennett
Head Typist / Betty McClung
Assistant Typist / Janet Coleman
Head Reporters /  Sam Ballengee and Henry Mann
Sponsor / Miss Nelson
Printed by The Parsons Advocate, Parsons, W. Va.


Johnny Runyon Elected Student Body:

President Johnny Runyon was elected president of the Alderson High School Student Body at the first assembly of this year. Johnny, a senior, received a large majority of the votes against, three other contestants. Johnny was a starter on the football squad for three years and was on the basketball squad for three years. He has been helping coach the junior high team this year. Johnny was born at Lester, W. Va. He came to Alderson when he was in the 3rd grade. He has remained here since.

Student Council Has First Meeting:  

The Student Council of Alderson High School had their first meeting to discuss the care of the gymnasium. The membership of the Student Council is as follows: John Runyon, Jim Meadows, Barry Worrell, Charles Ayers, Tony Ayers, Mike Brady, Richard Hughes, Willa Lemons, Janice Baker, Jayne Holcomb, Deckard Zicafoose, and Ann Hedrick. The council drew up this list of rules for the care of the Gym:

1. One person in gym class to use dust mop on floor before and after class.
2. Eliminate eating of lunches in gym.
3. No playing on the floor in street shoes.
4. Stay off the stage at all times without permission.
5. For willful damage to gym, a dollar fine will be charged the first time.
6. For willful damage to gym, a two dollar fine will be charged the 2nd time.
7. For a third violence to the gym, the offender will be eliminated in the use of the gym for the remaining year.
These rules apply to all members of the Alderson High and Grade schools. The council urges the students cooperation.

Alderson’s Shields Tops Scoring List:

Unofficially tabbed as the highest scorer in West Virginia scholastic play for the current season is Alderson’s tailback, David Shields, who has a total of 160 points. Shields, a trim, 180—pounder who stands six feet tall, is not only a scoring threat every time he carries the ball, but is equally as good on defense in addition to his running. Shields has passed for six touchdowns during the season, The strange part about it is that this is his first year to play in the backfield. His touchdown record for the season is as follows: Crichton, 1 -  Peterstown, 3 - Meadow Bridge, 3
- White Sulphur, 5 - Ronceverte, 1 - Rainelle, 5 - Rupert, 2 - Lewisburg, 5 - and Hinton, 2. He also made four extra point!. "This boy has cold water in his veins," is the description of him given by Coach Abe McLaughlin, and he added, "he is best when the pressure is on."

Cecil Underwood Visits Alderson; Aldersonian Staff Interviews Him:

Cecil H. Underwood, Republican nominee at that time, governor elect now, stopped in Alderson October 24, to address his followers in this area.

Traveling with Underwood on his next-to-the-last week of campaigning, were William Saunders, nominee for congressman, 5th district, Virgil Rohrborough, candidate for state superintendent, and a large number of non-candidates.

The motoring "whistle-stop-pers"’ arrived in town after speaking at Peterstown, and planned to visit Union and Lewisburg the same clay. Despite bad weather promised by a very dark sky, the Republican group had a large turn-out of people from Alderson and surrounding areas. The candidates made their speeches before noon and then had lunch. Upon leaving the Hotel Alderson, where he ate lunch, the gubernatorial candidate again addressed the group of townspeople and students of the journalism class.

During the interview, Mr. Underwood spoke to the Aldersonian Staff on his platform. He said he wanted to clean up state house "evils" such as the “flower fund" and wine and liquor accounts. He considers his most important jobs will be to provide for better roads and schools in the state. He also wants state hospitals set up in a more efficient agency, and a thorough mental health program established within the state. 

On agriculture, an important industry of this part of the state, he believes that the state government should do all they can to make agriculture a more important part of the state’s economy; he would have the W. V. U. Experiment Station find more uses for West Virginias farm lands. He said “all improvements we have planned for the state will attract new industry".

On segregation, the nominee said, "the Supreme Court is the law of the land, and should be obeyed as such, but desegregation should be carried out within the counties" as the county school boards know best how fast they can proceed in their own areas.

The Republican candidate for governor said the "ladder symbol" recently adopted by his party within the state stood for the building of his party’s platform and the state’s progress to a higher level.

Mr. Underwood finished his interview by stating that his last week of campaigning, Oct. 29 - Nov. 3, would be accomplished 'by helicopter, and would include 55 counties and some 60 addresses.

Students of the Month Are Jones And McCallister:

Journalism Class has chosen Pat McCallister and Jimmie Jones  from the sophomore class as students-of-the-month. Pat is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. P. McCallister; she was born in Asbury, W. Va. and is sixteen years old. Pat is taking four subjects in school, they are: English, geometry, world history and biology. She has two favorite subjects and teachers. They are English and geometry; Coach and Mrs. Mitchell. Her favorite colors are purple and pink. She likes romance movies, hillbilly music, and her favorite song is "Walking in the Rain." She is also crazy about ice cream. Pat is a cheerleader and is president of the M.Y.F., and 4-H Club. She is also a member of the F. H. M A. and the choir. She is usually seen with Carole Meadows, and plans to be a nurse.

Jimmie is the son of Mr. Paul Jones of Charleston and Mrs. Alex Feamster of Alderson; he was born in Charleston and is fifteen years old. He is taking four subjects in school, they are: geometry, biology, English, and world history. His favorite subject is physical education and his favorite teacher is Coach. he likes comedy movies, jazz music, and his favorite singer is Little Richard. His favorite color is maroon and his favorite food is chicken.

He is usually seen with Joe Mitchell. He doesn't know what he wants to be when he gets out of school.

Junior Class Presents Play:

Leads in the Junior Class play, “Green Valley," were given to Deckard Zicafoose and Jean LaRue. Mrs. Modlin, the class sponsor says that the three-act comedy fantasy will be presented on Dec. 7. The cast of the play is: Eldon Berry, Deckard Zicafoose; Prim Stokes, Jean LaRue; Tinker Smith, Charlie Ayers; Tobias J. Everheel, Charlie Lobban; Martha Mears, Sue Reed; Eva Friese, Nancy Russell; Lonesome Berry, Buzzy Kincaid; Granpaw Berry, Denny Quillen; Granny Berry, Frances Fawcett; Jeb Berry, Howard Mays; Calhoun Berry, Buddy McClung; Ransome, Daniel Duff; Prudence, Patty Bryant; Rufe Thomas; Bryan Boyd; Sarah, Sheila Feamster; Hip Cooley, Don P, Sevy; Mamie, Nancy Bennett; Shade Stokes, Eddie Bryant.

Senior Starts Combo:

Jim Meredith, a senior in high school, is starting a Combo consisting of three members so far: Daniel Duff, bass; Barry Worrell, drums; and Jim Meredith, trumpet. The boys decided on calling it the "Jim Meredith Combo."  At first they thought of having only three, but later decided on adding one or two more. The boys have already been invited to a Variety Show at Pence Springs and they are available for any other engagements.

Drive to Start For String Bass:

A drive to raise money for a string bass will start in the near future. Jars will be placed in a few of the stores throughout the town for anyone who wants to make a contribution. The bass will be under the direction of Mrs. Keadle, band director of Alderson High School, but will be used in the "Jim Meredith Combo” by Daniel Duff. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Seniors Head Honor Roll:

Evidently the seniors have studied harder than the lower grades the first six weeks of school because they lead in the honor roll.

12th, Jim Meadows, Andy Russell, Bill Keadle, Jim Meredith, Sam Ballengee, Almeida Burns, Lucy Baker, Peggy Highlander, Kenny Ford, Ruth Walkup, Pat Bowyer, Doris Collins, and Sonny Bennett.

11th, Nancy Bennett, Pat Groves, Nancy Russell, Sue Reed, Dorothy Smith, Jean LaRue, Patty Bryant, Ann Hedrick, Abe Straley, and Charles Ayers.

10th, Vella Tincher, Ella Sue Ballengee, Joyce Martin, Vera Thompson, Jo Ann Shelton, Carol Meadows, Carol Ann Hogsett, Jo Ann Hines, Bucky Feamster, Becky Craig, Brenda Caperton.

9th, Nancy Nickell, Doris Highlander, Charlotte Thomas, Edith Thomas, Elizabeth Estep, Robert Piercy, Charles Holliday, Richard Zicafoose, Hugh Highlander, Mitchell Keadle.

8Ch, Joyce Gadker, Linda Spangler, Judy Lovey, Judith Gwinn, Mildred Miller, Sammy Groves, Monty Bennett.

7th Howard Massingill, Barbara Ayers, Carole Light, Barbara Shelton.

Senior Girls Represent A.H.S. at A .B. Banquet:

A turkey dinner was served on Tuesday night, Nov. 13, at Hinton, to students and their parents who were interested in Alderson Broaddus College.

Among those present were students from Lewisburg, Peterstown, Hinton and Alderson. Jayne Holcomb, who is planning to enter nursing, Janet Coleman who is interested in commercial studies and Ruth Walkup, who is planning to enter missionary nursing, were the three students from Alderson High. They were accompanied by their parents, Mrs. Bill Walkup and Mrs. Ed Holcomb. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rowe were also present at the banquet.

After the meal was over, slides of the college, campus, and hospital were shown. Talks were given by members of the A. B. faculty. Those present were given the privilege to ask any questions that they might have pertaining to A. B.

Upon leaving the students felt well informed and eager to apply for registration.


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