1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
ALDERSON MAIN STREET - NEWS RELEASE P.O. Box 117, Alderson, WV  24910 DATE 11-22-2017 Contact Alderson Main Street Improving The Community One Project At A Time
Book Signing Highlights Second December Saturday In Alderson There   are   more   opportunities   to   celebrate   the   season   and   enjoy   Alderson   with   family   and   friends   on   the second December Saturday, the 9th. The   fabulous   light   show   continues   on   the   south   end   of   Maple   Avenue   every   half   hour   Monday   -Thursday 6:30-8:00pm and Friday-Sunday 6:30-9:00 p.m. courtesy of Eyes on You Security. The   Alderson   Community   Center   is   holding   a   Holiday   Flea   Market   with   all   kinds   of   items   from   new   to   old for your shopping pleasure. All the regular Alderson shops will be open as well. The   Old   Victorian   Inn   will   again   serve   hot   cider   and   invite   a   peek   at   its   wonderful   first   floor   Christmas decorations; hay rides around town will be offered, both from 1-3. Alderson   Main   Street   will   be   the   sponsor   of   the   “Drive   Under   the   Lights”   of   the   Alderson   Memorial   Bridge from 6-8. Donations are appreciated. The   highlight   of   the   day   will   be   a   book   signing   by   Belinda   Anderson,   noted   local   author,   at   the   Historic 1896   C&O   Depot   gift   shop   from   1-3   p.m.   Alderson   Main   Street   has   just   released   Ms.   Anderson’s   fourth volume   of   “History   Highlights   and   Tantalizing   Tidbits”   about   Alderson.   This   volume   includes   more   about Mrs. Alex   McVeigh   Miller;   a   love   story   from   the   family   of   founder   John Alderson;   some   of   the   important   role of   Shiloh   Baptist   Church   in   our   community;   the   impact   of   the   railroad   on   the   town’s   development;   the wreck   of   C&O   No.   5;   a   Nazi   spy;   and   the   importance   of   being   Ernest   Goodpasture   (Who   knew!).   There   is something   to   interest   every   reader   in   this   latest   volume.   Selling   for   $8,   these   little   books   make   great Christmas presents and the recipient is sure not to have one! Ms. Anderson   continues   to   delight   her   readers   as   she   reveals   more   and   more   of   the   fascinating   history   of the town. Alderson   Main   Street   president   Jim   Russell   said,   “We   continued   to   be   amazed   each   year   as   Belinda Anderson digs up more ‘tantalizing tidbits’ of Alderson history. We really appreciate her work.” PHOTO CAPTION: Cover of Volume IV of “History Highlights and Tantalizing Tidbits” by Belinda Anderson.
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