1928 - Alderson High School - 1968
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ALDERSON HISTORIC TOUR & MORE Another Big Holiday Weekend in Alderson, December 16-18. First   on   Friday   Evening   December   16,   6-8   pm   you   can   drive   under   the   lights   across   the   Memorial   Bridge for   a   Pay-What-You-Can   donation   to Alderson   Main   Street. At   the   end   of   the   bridge   you   will   see   Santaland and   the   Historic   side   of   town   with   all   the   beautiful   Christmas   lights.   Then   drive   around   the   neighborhoods to see more wonderful lights. On   Saturday   December   17   1-3   pm   come   to   Santaland   in   Alumni   Park   at   the   foot   of   the   Memorial   Bridge and   visit   with   Mrs   Claus   and.   Peek   inside   of   Santa's   Workshop   and   Candy   Factory.   There   will   be   free hayrides   and   goodies.   Then,   6-7   pm   at   the   Visitor   Center   there   is   a   Community   Sing-Along   with   the   Dark Hollow Ramblers. Bring your friends and family for a great evening of music and holiday treats. Sunday   December   18   at   the Alderson   Visitor   Center   tours   of   Historic Alderson   will   begin   with   Sarah   or   Joe Alderson.   Donation   is   $5   with   tours   at   1,   1:30,   2   &   2:30.   Belinda Anderson   will   be   doing   a   book   signing   of the   3rd   Volume   of Alderson   History   Booklet.   Tom   Dameron   will   give   a   history   of   the   train   depot.   His   father and   grandfather   both   worked   there   and   he   has   some   great   stories.   Dress   warm   and   comfortable.   Tours will be about 1 hour. If weather is bad then talks will be given. On   Friday   Evening   December   23,   6-8   pm   will   be   the   finally   opportunity   to   drive   under   the   lights   on   the Memorial   Bridge.   What   a   great   way   to   go   into   the   Christmas   Weekend   with   friends   and   family   from   out   of town! For more information call 304-520-2473. Discover the Magic of Alderson for the Holidays!