1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Allan Ladd GALLOWAY Sr.

The Hero I Came To Admire

Alex McLaughlin - February 9, 2016

The college scouts would say he was 6 foot 180 pounds and fast, but measurements fail to describe someone bigger than life for one high school season.

On Friday nights he would glide to some small town end zone. Rick and me like all the others with our mouths open in disbelief and joy as he cast aside physical barriers like gravity to run all by himself.

It is a hopeless struggle 56 years later to picture those moments and images with Allan as he lifted his teammates and an entire town to climb unimaginable heights. The sweetest most gentle man I have ever known. He faced life with all its special adversities for him with head up, grace and not a malicious evil bone in his body. Today I walked the field where we practiced and played and touched the ground.

As I continue to say goodbye to my friend who became. THE HERO I CAME TO ADMIRE. I will carry his smile with me as long as I live. Rest in Peace Allan Galloway Sr.

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