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Yes Dear

Alex McLaughlin - September 20, 2015

When we first were married, a vacuum cleaner salesman came to our house in Pinch near Charleston, West Virginia  He told us about a revolutionary  technology developed in the space program that had led to the development of the Tri Star vacuum sweeper. He claimed that the sweeper cost more  but because of the technology it was worth it. I rolled my eyes so many times that they hurt for days. Mary Jo insisted that we buy that sweeper. Since  it cost more than $50, I was opposed. We got the sweeper.

In the more than 35 years since then, we have purchased one up grade, have had no  problems and to this day it is the most powerful effective sweeper that I have ever seen. Moral of the story, do not question Mary Jo's judgment.  When I was wondering about how much the damn sweeper cost, I should have been saying, "Yes Dear".

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