1928 - Alderson High School - 1968




Alex McLaughlin - February 3, 2015

The summer beats down on the river road pavement,

as I jog  along to get in shape.

In the care free days of playing ball,

hayfields and the state fair.

Pools of water expand out 

from where I skipped a rock at Rock Bar.

The churches are still there and the city hall,

but the pool hall and Snack Shack long gone.

I walk the streets and listen as hard as I can,

to hear your voice through the years. 

I  see you there young and full of yourself,

as you walk down to the field or cross the bridge.

I stop, smile and pause for a few seconds,

then turn and walk away.

A small mountain river town

that entwined us from the start .

And held me for a lifetime

with the memories of you.


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