1928 - Alderson High School - 1968




Alex McLaughlin - March 14, 2015

(1) The days inch forward to this summer when I will be married for forty years.
Some of the more astute readers will get out your  fingers and toes and figure out that 
we got married rather late in life. 
(2) Coach Bobby Pruett the very successful former coach of the Marshall football team 
 summed up the different views on marriage for husbands and wives
Coach Pruett said," I  have been happily married for 45 years. When I told my wife that
she said, Yes we have had 20 good years but never 2 in a row."
(3) Anytime we went out somewhere Mary Jo  would always take cab money in 
case she got mad at me and needed to get home on her own. Apparently she no longer carries cab
money. I am not sure if that is because after nearly 40 years together she has more 
trust in me or has just given up.
(4) We have  a friend who told the story of an event to honor his grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.
Some one asked his grandfather to what would he attribute the longevity of their marriage. The
grandfather jumped up and said "because in all these years we never had a  cross word." His wife
shouted out, " Sit down and shut up you old fool".
(5)Clearly the old Chinese adage "Happy Wife Happy Life" seems like  a sound operating 
strategy for a happy marriage and life. 
(6) Finally fellows, never despair because the Lord watches out for children and fools.
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