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Alex McLaughlin - March 25, 2014

Political correctness is a disease. You can take an aspirin to help with the headaches but it is like a virus or cancer. It is everywhere. This story that I am about to tell shows that you can never escape from it no matter how remote the location.

Blue Sulphur springs and Snake Run are two neighboring places in rural Greenbrier a County. Neither place has more than 30 residents. My Mom's family has lived in that area for more than 5 or 6 generations. Mom lived there the last 30 or so years of her life and my daughter, son in law and grandson live there now.

Mom was in the Humana hospital in Fairlea where the state fair is located . Mom moved from a double room to a single room but in the process the orderly was a little heavy handed. Mom told him" I will have you know I am from Blue Sulphur not Snake Run. I need to be treated better.". I told that story at a historical society meeting in Lewisburg and the crowd seemed to think it was pretty funny.

Well I was feeling pretty good about myself as I departed for Charleston. I stopped in at the Go Mart on 219 in Lewisburg and saw someone I knew and said, " haven't seen you in a while. Weren't you just in the historical site meeting in Lewisburg?" He got a very stern look and pointed his finger at me and said," My mother was from Snake Run.". I can tell you for certain that there are no holes at that Go Mart that are big enough to hide in".

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