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Alex McLaughlin - February 9, 2014

One of my high school friends, well actually probably my best high school friend. Richard Hughes and his wife and one son recently went on a month long trip to Asia. They got back last week. I will leave it to him to tell you about all his experiences. What surely would be more interesting would be the stories that those people that Rick met would tell about Rick. I am sure they will never be the same. I would like to compare notes with them. 

Allan Galloway and myself did not know what to do with ourselves. Life was a little calmer and less exciting with him gallivanting all over Asia with out access to the Internet, social media and a cell phone. For a period there Rick was a big texter but then he headed off to find another challenge. But now that he is back and we are rested up. We have our electronic devices primed to receive his latest wisdom and joy.

Well, when Rick got back he got a call from a Mr. Wong who was allegedly from Asia but there is some speculation that he might actually be from Big Chimney located near Charleston West Virginia. My understanding was that Mr. Wong told Rick, who he called Mr. Right, that Mr. Right had left $10,000 in a hotel while he was on his trip to Asia. He went on to say if Mr. Right would only send $1,000 to Mr. Wong then Mr. Wong would be in a position to wire the full $10,000 to Mr. Right. Needless to say Rick saw right through this and as always was a tough negotiator. He allegedly said "Mr. Wong I see right thought your hoax. I will send you $500 and it is a deal."

Now you might say that is nuts. Well fiction is stranger than the truth. Well maybe not. I had a friend who when he talked to the Japanese always would holler at them and speak very slowly to make sure that he was heard. The more he wanted to emphasize a point the louder he got.  I had another friend who was on a plane to Japan with an older couple from West Virginia who were speaking to some Japanese and the older fellow I guess thought that he was pretty cosmopolitan. Well, he said to one of the Japanese. "You don't speak English very good but I bet your are fluent in Asian". It was not a joke.

But I implore you to check out future additions of the Aldersonian where I am sure you will eventually get Rich’s best analysis possible of traveling throughout Asia.


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