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Breaking News Distance Runner Spotted Training In Alderson

Bulletin from Barry Worrell Network - August 23, 2014

Every year on Labor Day a race between Rick Hughes and his nemesis Al McLaughlin is held in Charleston. Although the race now resembles a crawl more than a run, no two runners bring more excitement and deviousness to the race. Last Friday someone who resembled one of the runners was spotted on a training run in Alderson. Both runners claim they are more interested in eating than in training. Is it possible that one of them is not playing by the rules and actually training?

When our reporter caught up with the alleged culprit he asked who he was. He replied, " My name is John Doe and I am from Charleston, West Virginia". The reporter asked, "Is it true that you are preparing for the Charleston distance run?" Mr. Doe replied, " I cannot confirm or deny that sir." "Other than to say that every day for three months I have been having delicious high calorie meals 3 times a day." The reporter had about had enough of this charade and asked, " Sir, are you not telling me that you are not training in secret to defeat Rick Hughes?" Mr. Doe , responded " You must have gone plumb loco. I do not know this Rick Hughes". " Will you swear on a stack of bibles that you do not know Rick Hughes, champion of the free enterprise system and personal freedom and a legendary long distance runner, at least in his own mind? ". Mr. Doe responded, "Since you put it in those terms, I do know a Richard Hughes who owes me a lot of money." "If you see him tell him I want my money." " I am not scared of him in a race and In fact if I ever run against him, I will run his little hinny off."

That Friday morning as the fog blended into the clouds over the Appalachian mountains. This reporter could not help think of this fierce rivalry once again being played out in Charleston. The two old plumb loco boys from Alderson staggering across the finish line to cheering crowds.

Photo Caption: The subject identified as John Doe. Is he coming or going?

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