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Alex McLaughlin - November 8, 2010

(1)The facade of Obama is more attractive as a candidate than the Romney facade. Obama is still a shiny penny who plays well in the world of "Dancing with the Stars " and "American Idol" Romney doesn't. Ostensibly we want leaders but in reality all that we collectively (mainly the younger crowd) want are famous attractive people that act like they care about our inner most desires. Maybe this has always been the case. If so it is more pronounced now.

(2) The Romney campaign made some fatal errors. This will be debated in some quarters long after we are gone. But the most critical one was letting the Obama campaign define him as a greedy cutthroat Bain equity investor. The Romney campaign did not respond to the Bain ads for a month or so. You never let your opponent define you. The Romney campaign did this and when they did respond it was with a whimper.

(3) Everybody recognizes that the Republicans have a demographic problem. This needs to be addressed by expanding reach out to women and Hispanics.

(4) California, the northeast and Illinois are hopeless for the Republicans. But they must find in roads in the Midwest and upper Great lakes, these are natural and the numbers were reasonably close in all of those states.

(5) The Republicans need to quit talking about the media. They have the ink and they are going to double screw the Republicans for bringing it up. I will now not heed my own advice by saying that American journalism has been very lax in reporting about the background of Barack Obama. The lack of journalism in a number of areas has been pathetic. Most recent example is the lack of coverage about who knew what and when and the competence of the administration in the Libya episode which is a disgrace.

(6) The Tea party cost the Republicans Harry Reid's seat and along with a couple of whacks cost them the Senate yesterday which was there for the taking. They blew it and the Tea Party was a contributing party. But their fiscal message is a good thing and they have created a very strong majority in the house. Any rumors of their demise is premature.

(7) I hope Barack Obama proves me wrong but I am confident that the only good things I will ever be able to say about him is that he ran two very good campaigns to win the presidency and he is apparently a good father and husband. .

(8) If any of you decide to run for office. Let me campaign for the other side and you will certainly emerge victorious.

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