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Alex McLaughlin - October 19, 2012

When I was growing up, we called a person that we didn't agree with a moron. Over time they try to come up with new more sensational words. Now they call a moron an oxymoron. Some will say that oxymoron has a completely different meaning. You can't fool me. A moron is a moron.

But let's get to the real heart of this article. Now I have been watching advertisements on TV most of my life and there are almost always handsome and beautiful people doing those ads. After I look at the TV for a while and go out in the streets I never see people that look as handsome and beautiful as they are on TV. At first that was a great disappointment. But over time I have convinced myself that is just the way it is. Everybody doesn't look like me and all those models in the ads.

Which brings me to today's politicians. I think that the pretty people in TV ads trend matched with the fascination that the American public for American Idol and Dancing with the Stars has changed politics over time. It means for example we are much more likely for instance to have a Dancing with the Stars Democrat running for president than we are an FDR Democrat running for president.

FDR, Harry Truman and most certainly Tricky Dick Nixon wouldn't have a chance in this beauty contest environment. . The greatest leader of all times in a crisis situation, Winston Churchill, could not win one primary in this type of atmosphere. JFK, the first TV president, would work out just fine because he was a good-looking guy. Are we worse off because of this? My observation is that while there are some unhandsome people that are "just another pretty suit". More often this designation applies to the pretty people.

Now let's look at it another way. College football coaches make a lot of money and have to deliver. The success of football coaches is unlike that of politicians. Results are unambiguous. Unlike politics, where it is difficult in normal times to tell objectively who is a success and who is not. In football you either win or you lose. It is not a popularity contest.

My point is with some exceptions like Lou Saban of Alabama who is a Marion county boy from Mannington West Virginia; the average football coaches are not necessarily the prettiest people. I have come to the conclusion that college football really matters to people and pretty doesn't matter as much as winning. In things like politics and TV ads pretty is pretty important.

I guess the message is vote for the ugly candidate. If neither is ugly, sit it out. Kidding. Vote proudly for the candidate of your choice in November.

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