1928 - Alderson High School - 1968




Alex McLaughlin - October 13, 2012

Gordon Washburn was a junior high school friend of Alex McLaughlin who lived down the street. He moved away after two years in Alderson. He is a symbol of those people in our lives that we have met, that have  moved on and now in later years we wonder what happened to them.

My memory chases a moving image
Shadows so simple so certain
among mountains split by rivers and streams
As the train pulls through town
A young boy crosses the bridge over 
 the low flowing river 
a constant that transcends
small houses and quiet streets

He walks by the house near ours
where Gordon Washburn lived for two years
His memory clear as the angst and the wonder 
about whatever happened to Gordon
and all the others I knew for a short time 
and heard of nevermore

He walks in wonderment beside
The school, the churches as old as us
shaping minds and souls with  slow
repetition 'neath the changing seasons
and the passing years

His leisurely carefree walks
brings back memories of classmates
that cascade into all those relations
that we thought we knew so well
our doubts now soothed by the understanding
that what we knew was enough

Someday he will keep on walking
out into the world
and remember like us
the friends, the timeless beauty
of the place we call home.

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