1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Alderson Brothers

Alex McLaughlin - February 22, 2012

Growing up in Alderson while the high school was still around was defined by football. Not every one played football. But how ever you cut it Alderson was a football town. And the 50s and 60s were defined by  my estimation by two of the all time greats, David Shields and Allan Galloway. I believe that they were the best football players that came out of the town during that period simply because  each received a full scholarship from a major school, David  the University of Tennessee and Allan  the University of Minnesota. There was not much linkage between the two other than the fact that Allan's sister Barbara was in David's class. 
Both  were bigger than life during their  days. And no matter where you go in this world if you run into someone that knew about the town during that period   they will still ask about David and Allan. They are different people. But  people looked up to both of them as heroes, leaders and the warriors that would mean Alderson High School always had a chance when they were on the field. They each were driven, competitive young men that found their way out in the big world. To this day they both remain thoughtful and sensitive men  Each of us has had a number of years of differing experiences. But at this point in our lives those old Alderson relationships come back to the front of our minds after  a very long sabbatical. I am thinking of the two of them   and how they charged up and down the football field  lifting  our sprits and driving  us on to be better performers. The cheers are faint now but the images of Allan and David  are as vivid as ever. Some would ask why now. I would answer why not. I and  many others are blessed that David and Allan are our friends, our heroes  and our Alderson brothers.
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