1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Alex McLaughlin - June 22, 2011

They were only in Alderson for one day back in 1958 but that day was very eventful for the few people that got to see and know the Aliens. They had huge heads to contain their mammoth brains and two large eyes. They had two top appendage comparable to our arms and two bottom appendages comparable to our legs. They were short. Not like dwarfs or anything but probably about the size of pigmies. Once when Rick Hughes and the Aliens got conversing about basketball he learned that the center on their national basketball team was only 5"3"

The Aliens came out of the flying saucer and told Rick Hughes and Allan Galloway that they had been all over the earth looking for things to take back with them to their planet they called Lasagna. On the planet everyone spoke Italian. They were very smart and once on earth they learned every language very quickly but always with an Italian accent. Invariably when they got excited they would say,” Mamma Mia.!” They hadn't found much that they wanted to take back with them but one thing that they had learned about and wanted to take back was the nine girls club. That was why they had landed in Alderson. Rick and Allan referred them to the Principal Ike Mitchell. Ike fooled them and got the nine girls to leave town on the train that was headed towards White Sulphur Springs.

Rick and Allan were only sophomores in high school and they were pretty sure that they were in over their head in dealing with the Aliens. Who wouldn’t have been? They knew that they needed some help in the situation. Well they took the Aliens to see Jim Rowe. Jim was convinced that he was going to show them a thing or two and he took them down to the pool hall and said,” Let’s play a little pool”. The aliens said “we are not very familiar with this game but to be friendly we will play some nine ball for a dollar a game”. A dollar a game was a lot of money back them but Jim Rowe was very sure of himself. So he said “let’s have at it boys or whatever you call yourselves." Well the Aliens were quick learners and after winning nine straight games. Jim Rowe said “We have been had by these bunch of charlatans. Someone call the law.” What he really meant to say was that he did not have $9. That is when the proprietor said. “You can hold my teeth as collateral until Jim here pays you the $9 and nobody is going to call the law.” Well the Aliens walked out of the pool hall with the set of false teeth. They were a little bewildered and amused. I swear to the best of my knowledge that was the last anyone ever saw of the teeth and I don’t ever think they got a dime out of Jim Rowe.

Rick and Allan then took them to see the old fire escape that was attached to the elementary school. It looked like a silver vertical spaceship. Although it took a period of showing them how to do it, the Aliens loved sliding down and then climbing back up the fire escape just as much as the next guy. Well they weren't guys but you get what I mean. Well after they got pooped going up and down the fire escape, they were hungry.
Rick and Allan took them to the Snack Shack for the best hot dogs there ever were. Mrs. Shields greeted them at the door and was taken back a little and asked them because of their unusual appearance if they were from Fort Springs. Well they laughed and then they started to sing the old Doris Day song “Que sera Que Sera Whatever will be, will be” Right before the aliens got ready to head out Allan asked them what they remembered the most. One of the Aliens said” Thank you thank you very much. The thing that we remember the most during our stay was The King “ Then he commenced to sing an Italian version of” Love me Tender.”

Well after they finished eating lunch and singing the boys turned them on to Red Man chewing tobacco. The best we can tell they still sneak down here every once in a while looking for hot dogs as good as the ones at the Snack Shack, for a pouch or two or Red Man and a jukebox with an Elvis song on it.. You see the aliens miss those good old days in Alderson just like the rest of us.


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