1928 - Alderson High School - 1968




January - 2013

Forward by John McCurdy

"Dr. Cavendish owned the building and after his death I was asked by the bank to be one of the evaluators of his estate. I was all over the building, the old bowling alley and pool room in the basement, as well as the refrigerated room for produce also in the basement. Cavendish was a packrat. I enjoyed the prying and probing and marveling at the great strength of the building as well as how little money it would take to get it back in good shape. Ted Laws sons owned it for several years and did no maintenance, needed roof and a lot of windows were broken. When when water gets into a building it is only a matter of time till its gone."

The Woodson-Mohler Wholesale grocery company was one of Alderson's important business and at one time the largest wholesale grocery concern between Charleston and Richmond, with a vast market. The third floor wasn't added until 1918.

This building is for sale by Foxfire Realty in Lewisburg. We're not trying to promote the sale but rather let you see the collection of pictures in Foxfire's gallery. Well worth it if you've never been in all of the building.  Click here to see page. and then on the photos on the right side of the page to start the gallery.

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