1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Alderson Football Memories
Richard Hughes Class 1961

I have been alive now for 63 years and have seen many events and come to some very unshakeable convictions. One item I am completely certain of is that Allen Galloway, also an Alderson Alumni, is the first or second best runner I have ever seen in my life. He could run over an entrenched tank and he was faster than a rabbit would turn on a penny. The only runner who may have been better was the great Jim Brown, but no conclusion has been reached on that.

Now Allen Galloway was also an excellent passer. He could throw the ball right into your hands no matter how adverse the circumstances. I only dropped one pass in my entire career as end with the Alderson Indians and that was totally my fault as he always put it where it was catch able.

Our senior year when we were on our way to going undefeated (until the state championship loss) we were pitted against Union. This was a team which always had really big rough country boys and they hit savagely. Early in the fourth quarter we were leading by one touchdown. Suddenly we found ourselves trapped on the one yard line. Union had their chance, twice we ran play 38 off the right side of our line. After the second time we appeared to be as close to the goal line as you can be and still be on the good side. Third down only the play caller speaks in the huddle; Galloway, with enormous creativity says 38 left over your posterior Hughes! As I approached the line I saw a 240 pound player named Eric Wickel and behind him crouched the rugged linebacker Ronnie Bostic. The play commenced and I put Wickel on his posterior and Bostic fell over us.

At that moment I heard the most volcanic powerful force I have ever heard or felt. Allan Galloway went past so fast and so hard that when I got on my feet he was in Unions end zone and he had put the victory out of Unions reach.

As I said, Galloway was the best runner I have ever seen in America anywhere. It was a great honor and privilege to play with a man of his talent and I am so honored and proud to say we are still close friends to this day. I think everyone should know how some feel about you Allen-may God always protect you.