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 Alderson Elementary School Sustainability Club

Written by: Students in the Alderson Elementary School Sustainability Club

Journey to the Greenbrier River

On Tuesday, November 29th, the Alderson Elementary School Sustainability Club picked up trash along the Greenbrier River. We walked from the school to the river. We started the clean-up at the mini-park and went almost all the way to the old bridge.

On our journey we used trash grabbers to pick up trash. We found multiple types of bottles, candy wrappers, trash bags, shopping bags, gloves, cans, cardboard, and broken glass. (We also found a dead animal, which was the saddest part of our journey. So please watch where you’re driving!)

While we were on our search we all looked out into the river and saw something like 40 carp! We also saw birds migrating. It wasn’t just your average trash pick-up. We actually had fun.

The Sustainability Club is made up of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders who want to participate. Our theme this year is the Greenbrier River. Every month we learn about the river and do a service project for our community. This month we wanted to cut down on the pollution in the river so it wouldn’t hurt animals there, and so that the water treatment plant doesn’t have to do more work.

From the Sustainability Club: we ask for you to please not litter, for it will go to the river eventually and be harmful for everyone and everything. Thank you!

(Contact: Anna Osborne, 304-445-7241)
(Photo Credit: Julie Hedrick; permission granted by families of all the students)

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