Compiled by Tom Dameron

The Advertiser Editorial September 04, 2008


Alderson Advertiser
July 30, 1937
Tom Dameron


Researching the "Advertiser" for sports related stories has been a fascinating experience, and beginning Friday September 5th I hope to report on the first game of the 1936 season to you as reported in the Advertiser, and then follow the season week by week. As earlier reported 1936 was Coach A. A. McLaughlin's first season at the helm of the "Alderson Indians." At this point it would be interesting for each of our readers to make a prediction on the outcome of the 1936 season in terms of wins and losses. I also hope to report on the 1929 season; however that story is so interesting that it should be told in one article. In preparation for that article I would like for you "sports historians" to write to the "Aldersonian" and tell Our Editor how many points the Indians scored in the 1929 season and how many points were scored against the team. In addition, please tell us what the win- loss record was for 1929.

There were two stories in the Advertiser on July 30, 1937 that fall under the category of pure Alderson "stuff.". There is absolutely no way that someone who is not from our town can appreciate these articles that I am about to relate. Everyone had a nickname that was either earned, or bestowed upon him or her by their peers. In many cases these names were acquired through some very innocent "prank" or by other equally innocuous circumstance. The first story concerns a young boy whose nickname was "Pike." We probably never gave much thought to how Pike got his name; however I will bet that close to 100% of those of you who are regular readers of the "Aldersonian" know who I am speaking of. The article reports on July 30 that "The largest fish caught in Alderson this season was caught by E. R. Fletcher in Gwinn's pool on Tuesday afternoon. The fish, a walled-eyed pike measured 26 inches and weighted six pounds." Now, before I get too excited that I have discovered how Pike Fletcher got his nickname I must ask for your help. I am fairly certain that Pike's dad was E. R. Fletcher (according to my brother's recollection) however I must admit that I cannot recall Pike's given name. I would assume that if it was not Pike that somehow his nickname was related to this fishing story.

My second story on the same date is related to a medical procedure. The subject of this article was also known by his nickname; however the article refers to his given name. I will not reveal his nickname to you because as in the previous article most, if not all of you, will know the nickname that should attach to this person: "Little Lawrence Rowe, Jr. returned to his home last night from Covington, Va. where he had his tonsils removed. He was accompanied by his grandmother Mrs. H. J. Rowe and his aunt Miss Marguerite Rowe."