Compiled by Tom Dameron

September 26, 1936


Alderson vs. Ansted
Tom Dameron

After a devastating loss to Rainelle (6 - 0) Alderson came into its first home game under Coach Abe McLaughlin. Ansted was led by Coach Herb K. Gwinn, former Oak Hill coach and the 1936 meeting continued a long grid rival between these two very good teams. As reported in the Advertiser in its October 2, 1936 edition:  "Alderson's rejuvenated Indians slightly upset the dope in their first home game of the season defeating the Highlanders by a score of 14 - 6.  The Indians served notice to the rest of the Greenbrier valley that this team is to be reckoned with for the remainder of the season. As was predicted the local eleven really hit their stride and a fighting Ansted eleven was outplayed and outclassed at all times. The entire first half was Alderson's by a wide margin as the locals continually threatened to score, uncorking the best running attack seen here in several years."

After taking over the heavy running duties in the second quarter against Rainelle, Pete Pugh established himself as a premier runner, and was destined to be an outstanding threat for the remainder of the 1936 season. In reporting on the game J. R. "Dodie Vaughan" said:  "The first two periods were exactly like the opening over at Rainelle when the team lacked the necessary punch for a touchdown. The rest period and a few harsh words from McLaughlin did a lot of good. The second half Alderson received with Mark Hedrick making a nice return of the kick-off. Two first downs were ripped off placing at mid-field. Here the breaks came when Pete Pugh, halfback, recovered his own fumble and raced the entire fifty yards, out stepping the whole Ansted eleven for the first touchdown scored by a local player since Thanksgiving, 1934. This was the signal for lots of rejoicing among the spectators, especially those on the left side of the field. After that the Indians were unbeatable and came right back with another whirlwind offense with the same youngster, Pugh, sweeping wide around Ansted's left end for a 40 year display placing the ball on the visitors 20 yard line. After one try at the right side of the line Hedrick plunged through for the second touchdown. The fans again went into an uproar. Early in the fourth quarter Captain McClung and Willie Fawcett tackle and guard blocked an Ansted punt which rolled into the end zone giving the locals another two points which ended their scoring for the day."

"With less than five minutes left in the final period the regulars started another march which looked like another score. But here their offense bogged down, and McLaughlin substituted the entire second team in order to give the first men a rest and the scrubs a chance in a game. Billy Simmons, brother of the famous Hubert, of Greenbrier Military fame, was acting field general for the scrubs and got over anxious and missed a bad pass from center with the visitors recovering. The scrubs became somewhat bewildered and allowed the Ansted team to score on a pass as the game came to a close."

"Coach McLaughlin stated before the game that a win over Ansted would be the thing his team needed to restore a fighting spirit that has been missing from Alderson High since 1932. Alderson fans feel now that their team is again in the van and will face all opponents on even terms, except the mighty Hinton Bobcats. The latter, if early season games mean anything, has a team second to none in the Mountain State."

The report continues that
"The Ansted game was featured by the all-around play of the local eleven. Alderson is at last presenting a well coached team. The blocking and the interference was the best any Alderson team ever put out. With Pete Pugh playing only his 2nd game of football he showed the fans he is destined to be the fastest ball carrier ever to play at Alderson High."