1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



An Alderson Effort
Richard Hughes

           As an Alderson youth, 7th grader to be precise.  I got to where I would shoot a basketball from the chest. The common term in those days was the set shot.  Today’s game has no set shot.  Anyway as I practiced I got where I could shoot good.  One day an older student named Steve, told me, that I won’t shoot like that in a game, that they would knock it right down my throat.  A flash crossed my mind, if I was ever going to amount to anything in basketball I was going to have to learn to shoot a jump shot.  As I began to develop this skill, it appeared to be beyond my capacity.  Every day after school and on Saturday’s my continued effort did not produce much results.  Sometimes I would cry because the pain was intense and the ability did not seem to be there.  Suddenly, as though it was a miracle I could jump shoot the ball with ease, it all became natural, suddenly I had great agility, maneuverability, and capacity. Any way one Aldersonian taught me, not at the time, but later was that if you focus on something hard enough and long enough success could come.