Barry Worrell - December, 2014


Merry Christmas Dear Friends!



Christmas for 2014 is almost here. For some its about right, and others, you need some more time to get ready. But it is the time to sign the Aldersonian Christmas Card. I was thinking about some of my friends and classmates I haven't heard from in a while and this is a good place to send a Christmas greeting. It's also a good place to thank those who I do hear from often and those who send the pictures and write the articles.

A special thanks this year goes to Causby Parker for her work, and desire, in taking pictures and gathering the information to go along in her Causby Tours of Alderson and surrounding areas. This kind of work doesn't go without some sacrifice. She has been a blessing to all of us who read the Aldersonian.

Be sure to use the comment box to send your Christmas greeting to whomever you wish. If you forget someone, come back and post another one because there's no limit. Maybe you have lost an address or email of someone you want to send a Christmas greeting, so place it below, they just might see it.

Its also important to visit this page often to see all the additional comments. Someone may answer yours. Be sure to bookmark it to make it easier to find.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May you be with those you love this Christmas,


PS: I hope you have Christ in your Christmas.


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