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Blue Sulphur Springs Restoration

February 14, 2013


In the early 1800ís the Greenbrier Valley was noted for its healing Sulphur springs. The Blue, Red, White, Salts and Pence and other springs brought victors and commerce to the area. The Blue Sulphur Springs spring house is the only surviving structure from the Blue Sulphur Springs Resort, a 19th century mineral spa, and was built to shelter the Sulphur springs of the resort. The spring house consists of 12 columns holding up a square roof and is primarily built with brick that is covered with masonry. It was built in 1834 along with the resort and was added to the National Historical Register of Historical Places on October 29,1992.


Tourism continues to be a vital part of our local economy bringing in an estimated $181 million dollars in 20111. The Greenbrier Resort at White Sulphur Springs is our largest employer and an example of the lure of the springs. The spring house at Blue Sulphur Springs is an icon in that area of Greenbrier County. Countless local citizens and other remember drinking its waters and attending picnics on its grounds.


The spring house is now in severe disrepair. A stopped up drainage system has resulted in water standing in the center and undermining the foundation. One of the 12 Greek columns has slipped off center. The foundation, the columns, the roof are in need of significant and timely repair in order to restore the spring house. The facility has stood for 170 years but those years have taken their toll. Please see the pictures below that illustrate the deterioration.

A group of individuals known as the Friends of the Blue in conjunction with the West Virginia Historic Preservation Office, the Greenbrier County Commission, The Greenbrier Historical Society and the Greenbrier Historic Landmarks Commission is undertaking a project to bring about the full restoration of this wonderful Greenbrier County historic treasure.


It is requested that the Greenbrier County Commission support this project and work with the partners above to bring about this restoration. It is specifically requested that the Commission commit $15, 000 to match a $35,000 or (a total $50,000) pre-development grant from the State Historic Preservation office. This grant will be used to study what is needed architecturally and from an engineering perspective to restore the spring house and its structural integrity. This study will develop bid documents and renderings that will allow the Friends of the Blue to raise funds from private sources to match public funds needed to restore the facility.

If you are interested in assisting with any of these preservation projects; contact:

Preservation Alliance of West Virginia at info@pawv.org

Margaret Hambrick mchwv44@gmail.com

Alex McLaughlin alexarmac@aol.com

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