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2010 Flood!

ALDERSON IS THANKFUL - January 26, 2010
Photos - Margaret Hambrick

The citizens of the Town of Alderson are grateful that the Greenbrier River did not rise any higher than the official NOAA level of 18.72 feet.  That put the flooding level at the top of the moderate range and thankfully less than the 20 feet that was predicted. 

Mayor Lewallen said, “We were very fortunate that the level was not higher and that the flooding did not do the damage of previous record floods.  We very much appreciate all the agencies who helped including the Alderson Volunteer Fire Department who took the lead to coordinate efforts and was assisted by the Alderson Police Department, the State Police, Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Department, the Alderson Ministerial Association, the National Guard, the Red Cross, and local citizens who just volunteered to help. We also appreciated the cooperation of the Federal Prison Camp which restricted water usage until we were certain that our Water Plant would be functioning normally.” 

In a survey of the situation this morning, it was determined that the Water Plant is functioning normally and has no reason to issue any advisories.  The Sewer Plant, likewise, is functioning normally.  There is some debris in some streets and there are two pockets of water in low places where the storm drains are still backed up.

Mayor Lewallen said, “We are aware that a few families will suffer some damage, especially from the backed up water.”

The Alderson Community Center for the Arts and Humanities (ACCAH) was opened as an Emergency Shelter and served 9 citizens and 5 National Guard the evening of the 25th.  The Alderson Ministerial Association worked with the Red Cross and volunteers from the Board of Directors of the ACCAH and from the community to provide the assistance

Below, these were taken about 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning--about 6-7 hours after the crest. You can see the high water mark on the old bridge. The street with all the debris is just below the elementary school. Water backed up into there from the drains at Hoppy Hopkins' house.

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