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A Grand Reunion?

 Andy Russell - Barry Worrell - February 16, 2013

What if it was time for the annual Alumni dinner, and no one came?

The other day, my class mate Andy Russell and I were talking about fact, that possibly 25-30 years from now, there wouldn't be any graduates, or attendees left from Alderson High School. Each year we loose someone else and last year we lost over 15 people that were either graduates, teachers, or someone who attended AHS. It brings up a vision of just two elderly folks sitting in an empty auditorium waiting for the dinner to start, but it never does because they are the last two. Sad.

Andy suggested a "Grand Reunion", where all would make an effort to to get there one more time, if at all possible. I realize the possible hardships; health and finances would be two major factors. Maybe it would be enough just to designate an upcoming 4th as a Grand Reunion. It would have to be soon. I also realize this may never come to fruition, but it's a thought. And, if you have thoughts on the subject, please leave them and your ideas in the comment box.

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