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Memorial Brick Project - Alderson Alumni Park

Tom Dameron - November 19, 2013

For those of you who have purchased bricks or visited the Alumni Park you have seen more than 350 bricks permanently installed in the sidewalk. We currently have some bricks that have not been installed but will as soon as weather permits. The current batch will feature an 8” x 8” brick with the town seal, and the date of founding and the date 2013 on the sides of that brick. Also immediately under that brick will be our town motto.

This program is 6 years old and nearing completion. Last year the company that produced them for us was sold, and the new owners have been very good in meeting our needs. The price to us has increased slightly; however we have not raised the price to you. It is still $50 for a 3-line brick with 18 characters per line (that includes commas, spaces etc). The company has informed me that during the next year they will be forced to raise the price again due to manufacturing costs etc.

The company notified us of this so that we would have a chance to let our potential customers know that an increase is coming. Accordingly, we will keep the price to you at $50 for bricks ordered prior to May 30, 2014. After May 30 the price to you will raise to $75.

It would be great if we could go ahead and complete the entire sidewalk before the price rise. We have room for 150 more engraved bricks. If you would like to consider purchasing a brick at this time, and wish it to be a Christmas Gift for a family member, friend or yourself please order now and we will send a Christmas card to the recipients acknowledging that a brick has been purchased in his or her name. Just let us know if you wish to have a card sent by us.

If you need help in forming the words on your brick please email me and I will assist in that process. If you know what you wish to include on the brick just write it out legibly and email it to me or call me if you wish. Once you prepare your order and it is exactly as you want it to look then you mail it along with your check made payable to Alderson Main Street, P. O. Box 117, Alderson, WV 24910. If you are working with me on the language for the brick then you can simply send your check to Main Street and I will have the text of your brick to be included in the order.

My email is andy6424@aol.com and my phone # is 304 839-7178. Let us know if you need help in this process and remember

Bricks make a great Christmas Gift for your loved one.

Tom Dameron
AHS Class of 1955
(Ps. Thanks to all of you who have helped make the Alderson Alumni Park a huge success. I want everyone to know that this work could have never been done without the “heavy lifting” of Ed Moody, Gary Reed, Bobby Walkup, and Bobby Hoover, as well as most of the funds raised complements of the Class of 1955 along with some other very dedicated Aldersonians.)

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