1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



A mischievous or frolicsome act. To play pranks or tricks.
Dan Duff

The teenage boys were gathered at the billboard which was located on the north end of the bridge that separated the small town. Teenage boys had been gathering at the end of the bridge since it was first built. This night however would be different. This was Halloween. These boys watched as small children in homemade costumes scampered up and down the street looking for the next house to scream “trick or treat”. These boys were too old to dress up and go begging for candy, but old enough to plan a good prank to play on some unsuspected member of the community. 

A lot of ideas were bantered about. Some were worn out pranks like putting a bag of dog dodo on the porch, setting it on fire and then knocking on the door. When the home owner opened the door and saw the fire they would automatically try to stomp out the fire thus ruining a good pair of shoes and having a smelly mess to clean up. Throwing rotten eggs was considered, but was also dismissed because some had experienced having to clean up a similar mess the next day. 

Finally, they decided on the prank they would pull off tonight. One of the boys had just broken up with a girl who lived a couple of miles out of town and volunteered her place as the target. A couple of the boys did not wish to go along with the prank so it left only four to pull off the deed. The remaining boys jumped into the Studebaker sedan that was the family car of one of the boys and out of town they drove. 

It was finally getting dark as they drove out of town and turned up the mountainous road leading to their target. The moon was out but was moving into its half phase, so the light of the moon would not be in their favor. They stopped the car about forty yards from the house and loitered around the car until their eyes got used to the darkness. They crossed the fence and walked through a cornfield which had been cut and stocked at equal intervals. Crossing the fence that separated the field from the farm house one boy felt something furry and panting beside him. It was the family dog who knew this boy well enough to come up friendly. 

The boys worked their way to the back of the house. Lights were on and the sound of country music was playing inside. They made the dash to the little outhouse that was located up from the house and with one huge push the outhouse toppled over. The boys weren’t the only ones who heard the thud of the small wooden building as it hit the ground. Almost immediately the music went silent. The boys froze in their tracks for a moment then made a mad dash back towards the cornfield.

Suddenly, they realized they were a boy short as they crossed the fence to the cornfield. Looking back they saw half a person at the location of the outhouse.

They started back, but just as they did the back door opened and a dark figure was outlined in the light coming from the house. After what seemed was a million minutes the figure turned back into the house and closed the door. 

The boys went back across the fence to the location where the little house had sat. There they saw the boy standing knee deep in human excrement. He had been at the wrong spot and had fallen into the open pit. Under their breath I’m sure there was a lot of chuckling, but it looked as if they had a problem on their hands. Reaching down they grabbed the boy by the shoulders and pulled him from the mire. The stench was huge, and immediately the other boys started to distant themselves from him. Everything went well for a while. Back across the fence they ran until they arrived back at the car. 

Everyone started to pile into the car and a halt was suddenly called to the process. hey, said the driver, there is no way you’re gettin into the car. But how was the boy supposed to get back to town? One of the boys suggested he could ride in the trunk, but anyway you looked at it, there was no way he could ride and not get that stuff that was pushing the needle to the top of the stinkaroo meter, in the trunk or on the car.  

It was agreed that the boy would have to walk back to town. The driver started the car and started back down the mountain toward town. The car, even at an idle, on the mountain road was going much too fast for the boy with the aroma challenged condition to keep up. The driver thought he would burn up his brakes trying to keep the car within a speed that would keep the boy in sight. 

Finally, they reached the main street and the river.  Even thought the temperature was in the forties this chilly Halloween, the boy went straight into the water to try to wash at least enough of the stuff away to make it home and get some clean clothes. He would explain to his parents that the boys were tussling close to the river and he fell in. Whether it worked or not we never knew.

 The boy later made up with that farm girl and married her. By now they probably have great grandchildren. I wonder if he ever told her he was with those boys who turned over her families outhouse that Halloween. Moreover, did he ever tell her of his falling into it as he helped push it over. It is more than likely that boy will read this little essay of his escapade. That is why no names have been mentioned.