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In Case You Haven't Heard Vol. 3
Barry Worrell Jan 15, 2010

I really should rename this "While You Were Sleeping". Once again, in the middle of the night, behind closed doors, the Democrats have purchase the support of the unions by giving a four year  tax exemption on the so call "Cadillac" plans that are in proposed Health Care bill. That, my friend, is a 40% tax on your "Cadillac" plan if you happen to have one.

This tax is supposed to help pay for the cost of reforming the Health Care system and be collected from employers, insurance companies and the rich, if you consider that $200,000 is rich. One thing I haven't heard is what the 200,000 is based on. Gross?

If you haven't been following the race in Massachusetts for Ted Kennedy's seat in congress, between Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown, it looks as if Brown may take that seat. If so, the Dems would not have their 60 votes to ram the people's income depleting Health Care bill down our throats. In a debate with the two candidates, the moderator ask Brown if he won the Kennedy seat, would he vote the way Kennedy would have. Brown stated, "It is not the Kennedy seat, it is the people's seat". It's nice to know there are still politicians who listen to the people.