1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



Dan Duff

 Scare: To strike with sudden fear; frighten.
To become scared

As we approach Halloween, we put out eerie and ghostly things. We carve pumpkins and stash large bowls of candy to be given out to beggars on trick or treat night. We think back to those days as youngsters when we dressed up as bums, witches, Draculas or even princesses to roam about the neighborhood to beg for candy and goodies. Every once in a while when you knocked on the door or rang the door bell, the tables would be turned and some home owner would disguised himself as a scarecrow sitting on the porch and at the last moment would move and scare the daylights out of you. There were some like always that would go around pulling tricks and playing pranks and doing mischief, but they were the minority and most of the time did little more than leave soap on windows of houses and cars. As a whole most Halloweens come and go without much scary things occurring.

The idea of real scare comes from fears that are put in our minds from real life experiences. My wife and I share the same greatest fear, that we would allow fear to dictate how we conduct and live our life. Everyone has their own fears. Some effect us enough to become phobias. When that happens we move into a whole new realm of scared. Lots of people will tell you what they are scared of and a lot of them wonít. Some are afraid of even mentioning those things that drive them into their shells of self-defense. Many people must seek professional help to help ease the burden of their fears. Some go mad and must be put into some sort of re-hab center to try to overcome those fears that dog them day after day. Some never recover and spend the rest of their life institutionalized.

I believe that life is much to wonderful to let fears and phobias interfere with it. First of all I can see with my age and health condition that life has passed much to quickly. I look back on those small fears that occupied my mind and found them to be a complete waste of time. Most of the things that I was scared of and worried about either didnít happen or if they did, had little or no impact of my life. It isnít that I feel I got away with anything as much as I had way overblown the importance of my fears.

Fear is always something that happens later. When we watch a scary movie we are scared not by what is happening on the screen at the moment, but of what is going to happen in the next moment or the next scene. Once we have confronted the monster it is only a matter of time before we discover his weakness and destroy him. It is the same way in our life. Once we are able to confront our fears its only a matter of time before we find its weakness and are able to destroy it.

There are a lot of fears that we face every day. We fear those who have been elected to run our country. What many of us donít realize is that we can face that fear and the way to face it is to fire that guy who holds that office and hire someone else.

Many of us fear the people who are supposed to give us the news is actually giving his or his news organizationís opinion of the story. Not to fear. Turn the dial and donít watch or give up the newspaper. After a while they either change their way of giving the news or go out of business. Either way the fear is gone.

We fear for our children and grandchildren for the way the schools are being run. Not to fear. If enough people band together and attend the school board meetings and PTA meetings and let them know that they are being monitored, watched and are accountable, they will change.


Of all the fears and phobias we have in this world I think the worst and most persistent is apathy or the fear of getting involved. The greater this is the more power you give to the people who you elect or hire to do your work. If you ran a restaurant you would not last long if you did not get involved with your help. You would watch and train and lead those people to make your business a success. So get involved and face your fears and find its weakness and then destroy it.

The scariest things we should face this Halloween are those made up little made up and masked faces that ring our doorbell and shout, "trick or treat."


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