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Confuse:  To perplex or perturb: confound: bewilder.
Dan Duff

Maybe its the age.  Maybe its the way we listen.  We have so much trouble trying to figure out what our government is doing in Washington these days.  We know they want the best for us.  They keep telling us every time they make a speech and every two years one will even explain in a thirty second spot on TV how he has just the right answers to all of our perplexing questions and if we will be so nice as to vote for him, then he will go up to Washington and set things straight.  That of course brings us to another confusing question.  Of the thousands of people we have sent up there, why are things more confusing to us than ever?

We would like just a couple of  questions answered.  What is a terrorist?  Who is a terrorist?  Why canít they be caught and why canít they be put somewhere where they canít hurt anyone? Of all the men and hi-tech equipment and money we are throwing at this war on terrorism, why canít we catch one sick terrorist by the name of Bin Laden?

Reading the account of the Egyptian who shot up the El Al Airlines ticket counter in Los Angeles has us more confused than ever.   According to the people that work for the El Al Airlines this fellow was a terrorist.  They seem to feel that his profile of being an Arab and between the ages of 17 and 49 pretty well fit the profile of a terrorist and when he started shooting and knifing people, one of the El Al security guards shot him dead on the spot and that seem to settle the problem.  However we are still confused because the FBI says the guy who shot up the place wasnít a terrorist and the press seem to agree with them because the whole story died and no one has brought it up again.

If that had been a security guard trained by our law enforcement, things would have taken on a whole new complexion.  First of all our security guard would have asked him to please stop and read him the Miranda card before calling for reinforcements who would have had five squads of SWAT teams in full combat gear on the spot in three minutes.  There would have been a six hour stand off in which we would have made all kinds of crazy bargains with the guy in order to try to disarm and get him to surrender.  He would have finally been taken into custody with all the major TV networks doing 24/7 on the guy and before it was done we would have all begun to feel guilty for him because he still has twenty seven uncles and cousins who have not been able to move to this wonderful country flowing with milk and honey, gas stations, 7-11s  and welfare.

 We must applaud that security guard who thought only for the safety of the passengers  who only wished to buy a ticket and fly off to some destination. He saw the danger and made the decision to eliminate it immediately.

Our FBI says the shooter wasnít a terrorist.  We suppose because he could not be linked to a terrorist organization or attended any of the camps that are all over the globe including the Pacific Northwest.  He could not be pigeon holed into any file that is marked ďorganized terrorist organizations.Ē 

We now have a doctor in Tampa, Florida who had a cache of weapons large enough to take over half of the western hemisphere and he says he felt obligated to go around Florida shooting up anything Islam.  We tried to get the police to call him a terrorist, but they have so far refused.  Some are saying off the record that we already have enough terrorists in the world and this Jewish fellow in Tampa is just going to muddle the waters.  Besides, he says he is fighting terrorism.   Well if we canít get a handle on who is and who isnít a terrorist,  its just going to cause this type of confusion.

So we must again ask, ďWhat is a terrorist?Ē  ďWho is a terrorist?Ē  We say we must invade Iraq because it is manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.  Then must we also invade India, Pakistan, Japan, Germany, and a hundred other countries who are openly trying to create their own atomic bomb. Are all these countries terrorists?  Maybe we should just focus on those who do not like the United States.  If we do that then most of the hundred or so countries would remain on the list.   What about only those countries who would topple our representative form of government and install a dictatorship?  Again most of the hundred or so countries would remain on the list.  You can see our confusion, canít you?   

America is at a crossroads and will soon have to make a decision.  What road should they travel?  Should they be invading all these countries who harbor terrorist?  Should they be trying to get these other countries to join in and fight with them?  It would appear that most of Europe including England have no problems with terrorist.   It is only America that the great wish for destruction is dreamed and planned.   We canít stop anywhere in the world to get fuel for the ships of  our Navy without a bunch of terrorists wanting to blow a hole in the side of it.

America cannot fight this global terrorist war, pay the expenses, try to pacify half of the world by bleeding this country dry of money and men  in order to keep less than one percent of the world population from committing terrorist acts against her.  Israel has been fighting terrorist for the last fifty years and are better than anyone on the planet at doing it, but there are terrorist incidents in Israel every day.  America needs to stop being so bullheaded and arrogant.  We are not the world police and we cannot be.  We need to protect our homeland  with every soldier, sailor and marine we have.  We donít need troops in a hundred countries.  We need them at home protecting our borders, protecting our people. Again we are confused because isnít this the chief reason for the existence of the Federal Government?  The heads that know the law says that we cannot disburse troops in this country because the law forbids it.  If that be the case then wouldnít the FBI, ATF, and the Secret Service other than the men who protect the President also be illegal?  What about the IRS?  Now there is a group that should have been outlawed years ago

When other countries need help we can send a contingency to those countries, but the country who puts out the call should put up the funds to pay for the help.  That right there would keep us out of ninety five percent of the little pocket wars that pop up all over the globe.  If we didnít stick our nose so openly into everyone elseís business, maybe, just maybe there would not be such a dire hatred for us around the world.

Maybe our confusion comes from the fact that the people who are suppose to run this country canít.  If anyone comes up with a plan to run it.  They get laughed out of town and into some nut house somewhere.

 Maybe our confusion comes from the fact that if we are at war with these terrorists and Iraq is feeding and training them.  If that is the case,  then lets go to Iraq and drop  bombs that will cause Saddam to run to his tunnels, then bomb the tunnels closed and be done with it.  If Iran or any other country wants to harbor the terrorist, then send more planes and more bombs until the problem doesnít exist any longer. 

Maybe we are confused because the United States Government doesnít seem to think they can trust us with the truth.

Maybe we are confused because the news media in this country doesnít seem to think we can understand the problem unless they tell us with their own slant on the news items of the day.

Then maybe, just maybe, it is not we who are confused.   Maybe its them.