1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


Wicked, Evil, Diabolical Criminals Caught Red Handed.
Richard Hughes 09

Once long ago in the late spring, three clever scheming youth were sitting in front of the service station east of the bridge nearest Hinton. The sun was shining, it was warm, about six a clock in the evening, the station was closed. In front of the service station was a pop machine with the glass bottled top forcing forward toward the street. One of the youth, an obvious criminal genius, had obtained a bottle opener with a straw. Using these useful criminal tools, he devised the diabolical plan to open the bottle top and used the straw to get a free Pepsi. The other apathetic innocent youth were very nonchalant. Although one of the innocent youth asked the evil one if he was crazy. No one was very excited either way, until the one sharp eyed youth said "Someone is crawling around on the floor in the gas station." And from this comment the other two youth asked if he was nuts. The sharp eyed one said "No matter what you two say there is still a person crawling around in there." Suddenly, Curt Shaver, Elvin Keadle and two cops surrounded the station.  Now the only question was what their punishment was going to be. Maybe a long term prison confinement, execution, short term prison confinement, or probation. But the criminals who were caught turned on each other. The sharp eyed one yelled at the evil one with such wise words and knew they would get caught. But all three were scared, as the authorities huddled to determine their fate. They told the youth they were being left off with a warning and that if it ever happened again, they would all be in real trouble. The former criminal youths were Richard Hughes, Darrel Light, and Alex McLaughlin, all with utmost humility tried to march forward and live noble crime free lives.