1928 - Alderson High School - 1968


I Sure Miss Johnny Johnson
Richard Hughes 09

The first person I met when I moved to Alderson was Johnny Johnson. One of us asked which of us could win in a fight and we could not decide. After that we really got to be friends. Johnny, was like a parallel person, he was always there but only visible when we needed each other. Once as freshman, the team voted to get rid of Johnny when he did not show up for practice. I voted to keep Johnny because I really liked him and Allen joined right with me. we kind of lost track of each other after that, but every time I saw Johnny we had a great time. We would chew tobacco, talk about basketball and just really hit it off. Once Johnny was right there to protect my back and make sure a fight was fair water.  I left Alderson and we lost all contact. Then I returned, there he was and we had a chew and talked. Both of us enjoyed so much our brief moment. A few years ago, I met Al McLaughlin and he gave me the awful news. Johnny's heart had exploded on the golf course. Man I sure miss him, but if he had to go, I am sure glad he went doing what he loved to do.