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Entitlement: The right of a person or thing to receive, demand or do something.
Dan Duff 8-2008

I need your help this writing of On My Duff. I am having a real hard time finding the title of this article in the Bill of Rights, the Federalist Papers or The Constitution. I have looked everywhere including my 6th grade geography book and I canít find it anywhere. I know it must be there because the politicians use it so much. Especially during the election season. One politician went as far as to say that a college education was the entitlement of every child in America. Is it just me? Am I so dense and backward that I donít see entitlements spelled out in the papers our founding fathers left for us in Philadelphia, New York and Washington?

In this season of political blathering they are bantering of entitlement of insurance for every American. They even speak of entitlements for those poor immigrant Mexicans who have crossed the border illegally to do all our labor chores for us. We should have entitlements for the poor prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. It would appear that everyone who sets foot on American soil illegally or under adversary conditions have entitlements. Wait, here I go again. I canít say it doesnít exist. I find the word in the dictionaries. I find it in speeches coming out of politicianís campaigns, I hear it from demonstrators in the streets and I find it in the writings of columnists and op-ed writers all over the country. So why canít I find it. I mean what entitlements we are supposed to have? Years ago when politicians promised a chicken in every pot and a car in every drive, was that just hot air or were those entitlements.

Sir Isaac Newton said many years ago as he sat under an apple tree and an apple fell on to his head and awoke him from an afternoon nap: "Where there is an action, there is an equal and opposite re-action". ? If there are entitlements, then surely there are those who must foot the bill for those entitlements. Entitlements cost money and so there must be some way of paying for all these wonderful entitlements. The money just doesnít magically appear, although I think most politicians in Washington think it does. In truth those entitlements are paid out of the 30 percent the government takes from our pay checks every week. If you count local county and state taxes that inch their way through our pocketbooks it is probably closer to 50 percent.

There are probably forty million illegal immigrants who work six and seven days a week working for employers who do not report their true wage and hour details, send their 30 cents that should be going to taxes back to their home land every Friday from the local check cashing mills that keeps the paper trail at a minimum so the government canít find where they work. The people who hire them donít report it because they only pay the illegal immigrants 30 cents on the dollar to start with, so their main entitlements are already taken up with the scam they and their employers are pulling on the government and the American people.

There are probably close to the same number of people who have for some four generations lived off of the government dole. They have milked the entitlements for all their worth and then some. You will find them from the city ghettos to the mountains of Appalachia. Wouldnít work before the welfare system started and have not intention of starting as long as the government will keep passing out entitlements. They are entitlement rich.

So what about those people who are on the other side of the entitlements? Where do they fit into this entitlements thing. What are their entitlements? Are there any for them? They surely have foot the bill for plenty and with each generation seem to pick up even more entitlements pay for that their grandfathers didnít have. Their taxes pay for city, county, state and national governments. They pay for local police, county police, game wardens, FBI, DEA, homeland security, border patrol. Secret Service, IRS, Department of Transportation and a host of other federal agencies that field agents of sorts. They pay for local, state and federal Agriculture, local, state and federal transportation. State Departments and all the other departments that make up government. They foot the bill for Embassies around the world and all the support people that make them up. If that werenít enough we give Trillions of dollars propping up countries just for the right to have an embassy there and to countries that use the same money we give them to try to over turn our government. These cost do not cover the cost of the war on terrorist that runs about a billion dollars a day. We even subsidize farmers and oil companies, drug companies and ranchers. With bloated local, state and federal governments and all the "pork projects" the politicians hide in the budget every year the tax payers are just about entitled out.

OK, here is the bottom line. If I have any of these entitlements coming to me, I would like to have them now. I am getting old and do not have a lot of time left so if I could get it in a lump sum I would appreciate it. In the meantime I dare not hold my breath waiting on those wonderful entitlements. I feel like I am not a member of a voting block that could see our next beloved political welfare recipient (president) elected.