1928 - Alderson High School - 1968



FAIR; just, upright. According to rules.
BALANCED; the scale by which deeds and
principles are weighed and destines determined.

Dan Duff

First Fox New, then some crazy writer of fact and fiction, then other news organizations jumped on the bandwagon of wanting to make America feel better about the slanted and tainted news that's dished out every hour on the hour, minute by minute by the so called news television and radio stations.  Being fair and balanced, reporting news that's fair and balanced or just reporting what they are giving as news these days as fair and balanced is to believe the Eskimos need refrigerators. Nothing could be farther from the truth. 

Twenty years ago, news stations reported the news. Just the news.  If someone had a commentary on a subject or current event, then you knew up front, what the person was saying was editorializing and putting his feelings and his motives behind what is being said.  Most everyone agreed this was fine and if you didn't agree with him you could reach over and turn the dial.  Nowadays you can't tell where the news stops and the editorializing takes over.  Maybe that's because all the programs are now editorial pages with two minutes of headline news at the top and bottom of the hour. 

No one in the news media condemns bad behavior anymore.  They report it "fair and balanced" and leave the condoning or condemning up to the viewer.  This might work if we were in a perfect world, but we aren't.  I have said this before and will now repeat it for my benefit, that 90% of us are followers.  Which means only one out of ten, who watch the news, is smart enough to take the news and make the proper analyses.  The rest of us take what ever the talking head on TV says as gospel and do not try to dissect it as we should.

My question for the week is, What if God was fair and balanced?  What if the creator suddenly decided to take the middle road and become a judge, as most of the judges in the country have.  That thought in itself would scare me to death, and if I were stupid enough to believe He was, it would change all my out looks as far as good and bad is concerned.

If God were fair and balanced he would have to give Satan equal time.  For every person God saved from their wicked ways, he would have to condemn one to burn in hell.  For every one He healed he would have to turn one over to Satan for his sadistic pleasures and suffering.  For every beautiful child born healthy to parents, one would have to be born diseased and disfigured.  Wow what a cruel and pitiful world that would be.

Most of us believe God made us all in his image.  To grow up healthy and to pursue life with all the brains and character it takes to become the very best at what we do.  That means the vocation, the wives, the vacations and hobbies we choose to undertake.  It was never meant by God that any of us suffer.  That is the job of Satan.

What most of us don't get or have chosen to forget is the fact that God made us with a will of our own.  A will to make our own decisions about religion, morals and duty.  We have a right to accept His help or reject it.  The right to ask for His help or go it alone.  While He doesn't force his will on us, he forces us to make decisions.  Those decisions we make determine if we want God in our lives or not.

Our country like us is making some decisions now about God that will determine how our future will become.  Our courts are saying we don't need God or if we do, it is to be kept to ourselves. The courts and politicians have decided to be fair and balanced.

God makes it quite clear again and again and again in the Holy Scriptures.  He will make Himself available to those who will call on him for his help.  He will also not bother anyone who wishes not to talk to him.  To those who wish for Him to leave them alone He will.  That also goes for governments and courts.

Most people don't want a fair and balanced God.  In fact,  people these days don't want to be bothered by God at all until everything starts going south.   Then they try to blame everything that goes wrong in their lives on God. 
You just have to remember this.  If you are not letting God control your life, you are letting Satan.  There you go, now that's fair and balanced.

Most people don't want a fair and balanced government.  What we want and need are politicians to make decisions that are best for the country.  To be fair and balanced is to give rise to the conditions that were the final straw to break the great Roman Empire.

Most people don't want a fair and balanced news organization.  What we want is a news organization that will tell the news as it occurs with out slant or bias.  We want it reported in truth and accuracy no matter who or what the subject matter is.

Our Nation stands at the apex.  It can go either back toward decency, old glory and apple pie or it can go forward on this path of deception and destruction that is loosely labeled fair and balanced. The choice is ours.   Or is it?